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SAVE 30%

Your AVCF Membership could be eligible for HSA/FSA reimbursement! 

We have made it easy, simple, and painless for you! Here are the steps:

  1. Pay your membership normally (not with your HSA/FSA card)

  2. Click the link above and fill out the questionnaire

  3. If it is determined that CrossFit can help PREVENT or REVERSE a health condition you care about, they will send you a letter of medical necessity

  4. Submit your membership receipts and your LMN

  5. Get 30-40% back from your membership!

Have more questions? Please reach out - we are happy to help!

Single Member

Unlimited Membership                       $135/Month

Military, Police, Fire

Unlimited - No Contract


Couples Membership

Unlimited Membership                 $235/month

Please inquire about family discounts*  

Full Time Student
(K-12 or 12+ Credit Hours)

Unlimited - No Contract


Drop-In Fee


Must have CrossFit experience  


Looking to try out AVCF? We ALWAYS offer a free week trial! You read that right! No credit card numbers, payment information - no strings attached! We want you to come experience what makes us different - we know you will love it here!

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